The Deep Sea Parrots

The Band..

Recording at Homefire Studios in Yorkshire – 2019 onwards


the king of melancholy

90 solo albums up

Sea deep down below for the current set list..

It’s a battle every day, I’m lucky if the sky is grey, nothing ever goes my way, Lenny Kravitz (turn away).
  1. Like Attracts Like
  2. Interstellar Taxi Driver
  3. L K (turn away)
  4. Star Train
  5. Serial
  6. Broken Stars
  7. The Gambler
  8. John O’Groats
  9. People Aren’t Poets
  10. Oblivion
  11. Fight You Again
  12. Star Dreamer
  13. A Poets Thing
  1. The Wayside
  2. Even The Guinness
  3. Rust
  4. Just Say I Love You
  5. Used
  6. So Pray
  7. Tears Of Rain
  8. Glue
  9. Sunburnt Rainbow
  10. Will I See You Again
  11. Breaking My Own Heart
  12. It’s So Hard To Say I Love You
  13. Starseed

Cows Eat Conkers – 2022

Astral Surfing For Idiots >> Early 2022

After writing 1000+ songs as a solo artist (search alexthomasdavis on streaming outlets) it was time to start a band. The Deep Sea Parrots are Alex – Col – Malcs – Av it!!




Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals